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Secret of the Witchwand Ebook

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Praise for the LadyStar™ Series

"Chock full of adventure, vivid imagery and fantastic characters" -- Missy

"The Power Rangers crossed with Sailor Moon in a fantasy setting" -- Rebecca

"WOW! LadyStar just keeps getting better and better!" -- Carissa

"I love LadyStar! I love reading the things in here! They are so fun! -- Cherry Blossoms

"I can't wait to find out what happens next!" -- Katelyn

More than 82 pages of spooky and mysterious fantasy adventure!

When the marauding witches of the hidden Tarrihen Catacombs begin attacking the peaceful farms around the village of Mudwallow, a family of abandoned children desperately go searching for help. One discovers a Sorcerer's Circle safe house called Cava Dosh where it just so happens Jessica Halloran and Talitha Casey are recovering after a desperate battle near the Plum Barrel Inn.

The two Ajan Warriors take up their magical weapons and delve into the cursed underground labyrinth to confront the hags, not realizing one of the children is following them into danger!

Now it is up to the keeper of the celestium skyblade Dawnsong to choose between saving her friend or defending her overeager apprentice from the wielders of hellish spellcraft!

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Shane Lochlann Black
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