55 pages of valuable show business insight!

Self Publishing 2.0 is here, and you needed to be ready three years ago!

The technology we have today gives every author in every genre a unique and historic opportunity. We wield tools today authors of the past would have paid fortunes to acquire. With a little preparation and a little knowledge, anyone can set up a self-sustaining and completely independent book business without resorting to the electronic shackles offered by Big Tech™

Join science fiction and fantasy author Shane Lochlann Black in a journey through what self-publishing was, what it is and what it is about to become. Examine your current business model and compare it to what is possible. See if your writing career really is living up to your original vision. The results might surprise you!

Find out why you have everything you need to build the next great entertainment empire. You can create the characters, market them, adapt them for new and exciting kinds of media, manufacture toys and merchandise and even turn your imaginary worlds into real animation, comics, video, interactive experiences and apparel!

It's all going to start the day you hang up your shingle and say "here's my new book" to that first curious reader who walks through the door.

On that day, you'll be the next Bookstore Hero!

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