This book will save you a thousand dollars in wasted time and missed opportunities.

We start 230 years ago: The Copyright Act of 1790. It is the reason American culture sets the pace for the entire world. It was the key event at a time in history when mankind was on the precipice of the greatest explosion in productivity the world has ever seen.

Fast forward to the 21st century: Now merchandising, licensing, animation and interactive expert Shane Lochlann Black has gathered more than 25 years of cutting edge knowledge, experience and history into a powerhouse volume that will teach you things about your creativity you never knew!

Copyright Hero will take you from the streets of 15th century England straight through to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and teach you the secrets of everything that happened in between. You will learn how a simple clause in the Constitution turned into a $60 billion industry and how you can get your piece!

This is a book about turning imagination into wealth, and it was written just in time for you to take part in the Creative Reniassance the Internet was invented to unleash!

There are a thousand books out there about copyright. There's only one that will make you a Copyright Hero!

You'll love Shane Lochlann Black's newest titles!

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