LadyStar: Encounter at Demon Skull
Shane Lochlann Black

LadyStar: Encounter at Demon Skull

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Jessica Halloran has one very important power, and that is her ability to sense evil. When a handsome Lord visits the village of Lantro, everyone seems to agree he is a polite and even noble man, but Jessica knows better. She suspects not only his evil nature, but the fact his coal-black pitted sword might be the feared vampire sword Ochreus, known as the Eight Blade, a sinister artifact that hungers for mortal blood.

With the help of Shannon O'Keene's tracking powers, the warriors pursue Lord Dane to a place called Demon Skull. After a cataclysmic attack, the warriors get separated and Jessica is trapped in a desperate battle with a giant golem! Now it's up to Ranko Whelan to reunite the team and find the cryptic portal concealing the infernal caverns before Jessica's battle magic is dispelled!

Don't forget to look for the secret clubhouse inside the book where Jessica Halloran and all her friends discover magic and fun together!

Collect The All-New Adventures of Jessica Halloran and the Ajan Warriors celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Shane Lochlann Black's legendary fantasy world of LadyStar!

1.1 8/10/18