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Fleet Commander Recon Elite Officer Edition Digital Pre-Order (Starship Special Forces Book One)
Shane Lochlann Black

Fleet Commander Recon Elite Officer Edition Digital Pre-Order (Starship Special Forces Book One)

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Coming August 17th, the story of the Bandit Jacks continues in Shane Lochlann Black's eighth full-length novel Fleet Commander Recon! 

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The Elite Officer Edition of Fleet Commander Recon contains three bonus chapters of non-stop action and edge-of-the-seat thrills exclusive to the Palace in the Sky Bookstore! Make sure your copy includes the space-shattering story of Privateer Captain Dutch Holland and Assault Squadron 808's weapons-hot escape from the deadly Fireblade asteroid field between Bayone and the blood-soaked Prairie Grove Sector!

The Elite Officer Edition and its bonus chapters will never be available through any other retailer! Shane's Special Editions are exclusively available at Palace in the Sky!

Read a sample chapter from Fleet Commander Recon!

For starship commanders, there are some things more powerful than capital weapons and mechanized infantry.

Jayce Hunter's well-known penchant for defiance is on a collision course with Skywatch Command. With her career hanging in the balance, the loyalty of her officers will be put to a life-and-death test of courage vs. duty.

Her flagship is grounded, the majority of the battleship Argent's space wing is missing or destroyed, and the Judge Advocate is preparing a defense against the possibility of a general court martial aimed at the anti-alarmist flag officers' political enemies and their Skywatch allies.

Meanwhile, with her mentor and veteran cruiser Captain Patrick Enright in a coma from which he may never awaken, and hundreds either killed or lost during the disastrous amphibious assault on Bayone, Jayce vows to hunt down the ambush fleet responsible for the destruction of the starship Revenge and the possible murder of her twin brother, Captain Jason Hunter.

After doing her best to put on a brave face for her beloved mother, and even as she fights her own worst fears Jason may be gone, the former skipper of DSS Fury uses the last of her authority under regulations to re-classify her unit Skywatch Special Forces Recon, and assembles a crew willing to share the risk of piracy charges to return to Bayone and finish what the traitorous Colonel Atwell started.

Now, with what remains of Strike Fleet Perseus fighting to survive on the surface of an inter-dimensionally trapped planet overrun by treacherous enemies and blockaded by a previously unknown alien faction armed with destructive riflecutter weapons, it is up to two stranded marines, a K-9 soldier, ten fugitive officers and an unexpected ally to fight their way through spacetime and venture deep into the unexplored labyrinth under the Lethe Deeps planetary defense base.

There they may finally discover the secrets of the mysterious Ithis technology and use it to learn the true fate of the one man who can beat Colonel Atwell at his own game.