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Enchanted Airship Founding Membership
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Enchanted Airship Founding Membership

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Visibility is becoming more and more difficult to find on the web, especially if you sell your own products. Advertising is expensive and hard to manage. Organic traffic is all but extinct, and it only gets harder if you have a niche audience or product.

Enchanted Airship is the solution to this problem for middle grade and young adult authors and developers. Our system is built on a proven hub and spokes model that allows us to aggregate ad spending and put maximum power behind our member products. Our program makes it possible for authors and developers to get the kind of promotion and advertising individuals can't normally afford.

Founding members are automatically promoted to level two (a $300 value), which makes them immediately eligible for long-term placements in our Showcase and landing pages that can drive readers to multiple store locations.

Read more about Enchanted Airship, our future plans for book and game promotion and how you can get involved.

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