Dawnsong The Last Skyblade by Shane Lochlann Black
Shane Lochlann Black

Dawnsong The Last Skyblade

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"The Power Rangers crossed with Sailor Moon in a fantasy setting." -- Book Gremlin 

Sixteen-year-old Jessica Halloran meets a cute boy in her dreams. He gives her a shining ring set with a heartstone gilded by golden wings. When she wakes up, she is still wearing the ring. She can't explain it, and neither can her friends, but she can still feel its power calling to her. 

She doesn't realize she has been given the last Champion Skyblade in its disguised form, or that it can open a doorway to another world called Ajanel, where the boy from her dreams is waiting. His people are desperate for a hero to save them from the malevolent Lord Dane and his vile Cryptics. Jessica soon learns there are seven other weapons just as powerful as her own, and it just so happens she brought her friends along. 

Prepare yourself for an adventure like nothing you have ever experienced before. Here begin the adventures of the Ajan Warriors, the Greatest Fighting Team of Teenage Girls Ever Assembled! 

Collect The All-New Adventures of Jessica Halloran and the Ajan Warriors celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Shane Lochlann Black's legendary fantasy world of LadyStar! 

1.1 9/9/18