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Shane Lochlann Black

Dawnsong The Last Skyblade Paperback

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Paperback Edition

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"The Power Rangers crossed with Sailor Moon in a fantasy setting." -- Book Gremlin 

The enemies of Ajanel are close to extinguishing what little hope remains in the aftermath of the shining kingdom's destruction. Among the reminders of the Ajan people's heroic attempts to survive are relics hidden in the snowbound hermitage of the last of the King's nobles. Some believe their ancient power has driven her insane, but none dare investigate, as those foolish enough to travel that far north never return.

With the land corrupted and darkness consuming village after village, Enken, one of the exiled noble's wards, recklessly attempts to break the corrupt truce. He steals the last Champion Skyblade from among the concealed weapons and uses it to find help. Unable to use the full powers of the relic himself, and with time running out, he desperately places the disguised treasure in the hands of a sixteen-year-old girl from another world named Jessica Halloran.

When the celestium sword's long dormant magic responds to Jessica's honesty and compassion, the evil Lord Dane and his Cryptics find themselves facing an unexpected dilemma. Their new adversary is as unpredictable as she is inquisitive. It is not long before she draws power from her new blade even learned scribes cannot explain. Jessica heals and protects others, and wins several early battles. The common folk rally to her cause. Enken, however, recognizes the danger the girl faces with no training, no time and no fighting experience.

Nevertheless, Jessica discovers there are seven other weapons just as powerful as her own, and it just so happens she brought her friends along.

Ajanel's history may not yet be complete.

Dawnsong: The Last Skyblade is the first title in the all-new LadyStar™ series. It is a noblebright middle-grade fantasy adventure for readers ages 9 and up.  Parental guidance is recommended for monsters and scenes of fantasy violence.

ISBN 978-1720533955  796 pages 



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