Praise for the LadyStar™ Series

"Chock full of adventure, vivid imagery and fantastic characters" -- Missy

"The Power Rangers crossed with Sailor Moon in a fantasy setting" -- Rebecca

"WOW! LadyStar just keeps getting better and better!" -- Carissa

"I love LadyStar! I love reading the things in here! They are so fun! -- Cherry Blossoms

"I can't wait to find out what happens next!" -- Katelyn

411 pages of imaginative and exciting fantasy adventure!

Three towers stand watch over the coast in the Kingdom of Gacenar. Together, they guard a riddle that has tormented kings and sorcerers alike for uncounted centuries. The mystery concealed by their power protects a blood pact struck between ancient foes.

Their mighty weapons, laid down in the name of a fragile peace, are safely hidden by the only survivor of the bygone conflict. A cataclysmic war that would surely sweep the innocent populations of seven kingdoms into history is narrowly averted.

When a sixteen-year-old girl named Jessica Halloran mistakenly steps through an astral portal wearing a stolen celestium ring, the Iron Compact is broken. Old hatreds stir, provoking tremendous evil in deep places. Forces beyond human imagining once again plot their terrible vendettas. The only way to stop them is to return the weapon Jessica carries to its keeper.

But the arbiter of the compact knows if blade and girl are separated, Jessica will die.

A tiny band of reluctant adventurers has five days to find the answer.

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