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More than 338 pages of fun and exciting fantasy adventure!

A teenage thief on the run climbs through the window of a tiny village temple in the middle of the night. There he finds an unlikely ally. She is anything but a sword-swinging pirate, but as a priestess in training she does have some rather unusual abilities. This turns out to be a fortunate discovery, because the stolen lockbox the thief is carrying contains evidence of a plot against a member of Gacenar's royal family, and that makes him the prime suspect!

Get ready for the noblebright romantic fantasy adventure of a lifetime, because when wanted pirate Chance Holiday teams up with kind and benevolent healer Jessica Halloran, it is the beginning of something truly magical!

Based on the world from the landmark LadyStar™ series, and featuring a cast of characters 25 years in the making, Shane Lochlann Black's first book in the all-new Voyages of the Bonny Lass cycle and his tenth full-length novel follows the adventures of Aventar's most unlikely evil-battling duo.

Jessica Halloran is on the verge of ascension as her tiny village's newest cleric, while Chance Holiday is looking for an opportunity to prove his mettle against those who wish to see him imprisoned or worse. Both have their gifts. He uses his to protect her. She uses hers to make him immortal.

They couldn't be more opposite, which is precisely why they can't stay apart.

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