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An Imperial Blade squadron led by a notorious Sarn warlord is about to lure Jason Hunter into a disastrous ambush, and the civilian population of Platmore Field will pay the price!

166 pages of action-packed military science fiction!

"I saw an angel, made of metal and weapons and the hearts of four thousand men and women, wreathed in flames and standing alone between our children and the forces of tyranny. She was dying, but never lost courage. She gave her life for one final mighty attack, throwing herself and all she had at the giant in the sky."

"And he fell to the ground."


For the very first time, Shane Lochlann Black and Cold Beverage Studios present an exclusive Special Edition Starships Universe novella including a limited edition cover, full color illustrations and bonus material available nowhere else in known space!

Imperial formations have secured victories at Rho Theta, Prairie Grove, El Rey, Manassas and Core Seven. The devastating firepower of three alien fleets has grown even worse with the discovery of a fourth hostile faction near Dante's Twins. The Core Alliance is gradually being hemmed in. Unless there is a breakout victory soon, war could come to Proxima and Core Three next.

Captain Hunter and his Task Force are ordered to the Athena System, where they are forced to wait for instructions from Skywatch Command on how to proceed against the Sarn.

Only days after what is left of Task Force 156 is recovered, a distress signal is received. Platmore Field is under attack! Millions of civilians are threatened. Hunter orders his warships to intercept the unidentified attackers at the other end of the Fox Racer gate.

Hunter doesn't realize one of the Emperor's most skilled and insidious warriors is waiting for him: A Cloud Dragon of the feared Imperial Blade in command of a menacing flotilla of top-of-the-line Sarn battlecruisers. The stage is set for a planet-shaking interstellar battle you'll have to read to believe!

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