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Starship Expeditionary Fleet Collection

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Praise for the Starships Universe Series

★★★★★ "Brilliantly written by a master author." -- Brian Gallagher

★★★★★ "Aliens, spaceships and lots of action, ship to ship and fleet vs fleet." -- ML

★★★★★ "Great read, fast paced, well written, with a crew of hard core heroes" -- I. Rankin

★★★★★ "The pace of the action is lightning fast." -- Burt Md

★★★★★ "The action is non-stop." -- Ray Carter

★★★★★ "A story I couldn't put down." -- LT

★★★★★ "Larger than life characters and fast paced action." -- Matt DuFresne

More than 1105 pages of action-packed military science fiction!

The Sarn Star Empire has been plotting its vengeance against the Core Alliance for nearly three decades. With their fleet in shambles, their colonies in near-revolt and their leadership dissolving into bickering factions, the voices of the ancient warlords must return to the halls of Mount Gaelphos if the empire is to survive.

With the very existence of the aggressive Dragonkind civilization at stake, a new leader takes the throne. Feuds are set aside. Blood oaths are taken. Soldiers are counted. The new Supreme Emperor forges a war pact with the mysterious Kraken Decarchy and gains the firepower of the feared World Burner.

Captain Jason Hunter and Admiral Benjamin Powers are among the few Skywatch officers who recognize the situation beyond the Gitairn Frontier for what it is. The scattered elements of the Perseus Strike Group are hastily re-assembled and dispatched to the Proximan Listening Post at the edge of the contested Rho Theta System. There Captain Hunter and his officers must ascertain the extent of the threat. What they find is far worse than any had imagined.

Without warning, civil unrest erupts on the Sarn colony at Mycenae Ceti Four. The Core Alliance president's daughter disappears. Sarn shock troops seize the Proximan station, and both Sarn and Kraken warships fire on Skywatch vessels including Admiral Neela Hafnetz's flagship DSS Saint Lucia.

A Second Praetorian War is imminent. The Proximan King has sworn a mutual defense pact with the Core Alliance. Even the Yersian Unity is uncharacteristically belligerent. The only way to stop the disaster is for Captain Jason Hunter and the strike battleship Argent to navigate beyond the supermassive black hole known as Omicron 474. There, Hunter and his crew must discover the answers to a 150-year-old mystery that might explain why enemy forces are using the forbidden sector as a hidden supply route.

The clock is ticking. Time is running out. Jason Hunter must complete his mission before he receives the message that will signal the beginning of a war that could incinerate a hundred worlds and leave nothing behind but the echoing screams of ten billion dead:

"Destroy All Starships"

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